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Dog Items – Pets

We want you fury friends to have a great stay at Casa Catalpa. To make their stay more enjoyable, you’ll find some items in the coat closet by the front door that might be of interest. You’ll find a crate, a gated enclosure and a sofa cover/blanket. We also have pet food and water bowls for your convenience.

We’d appreciate it if you keep your pets off the funiture unless you use the provided sofa cover/blanket.


You will find canisters for both trash and recyclables in front of the house. The trash is collected every Wednesday and the recyclables are collected every other Wednesday. The trash company takes care of everything so there is nothing you need to do. They will pull the bins down to the street, dump the trash and return them to their place.


Each TV in the house has a streaming device of some sort or is a smart TV. Feel free to log into your favorite streaming service. The main level TV and the outdoor TV also have antennas that pick up the local channels.

Security System:

The house is protected by a SimpliSafe security system. There are door sensors on the front door and the patio/outside door. There are also window sensors on several of the windows downstairs. Additionally, there is a motion detector in the living room downstairs. When you enter the house using the keypad, the system is automatically disarmed. Please arm the system when you leave.

Alarm Modes:

Off – the system is off.
Home – The system is armed, except for the motion detector. To be used when you are in the house and want the system on.
Away – The system is armed and all sensors are in use. Should be used when you leave the house.


We have a small kitchen and a small dishwasher. It works well, but one thing to keep in mind is that the spray arm below the top rack can sometimes hit the dishes on the bottom rack. Please just ensure the spray arm will clear before running the dishwasher.